Hello! My name is Shere Vacas. I moved to Miami in 2006. I am originally from Venezuela and after many years in my career as a marketer, in 2022, I decided to create Miami Organizers to help my friends move, decorate, design and organize their belongings. I truly enjoy creating functional and beautiful surroundings for anyone who needs my help.

I have had the fortune of living in multiple cities and sometimes in multiple places within the same city. I want to say I lost count of how many times I packed and moved from one place to another. Of course I mastered the art of packing, unpacking and decorating my house

I have always been passionate about order and have a talent for organizing things. But let’s not get confused here. I do much more than just making things look pretty, they must be arranged and organized in a functional way.

Being a professional organizer allows me to use my talents to teach others to get their lives in order. I help people live personal and professional lives full of peace, beauty, and most importantly, organization!

As a professional organizer, I spend my days: Thinking about organizational challenges, listening to clients, creating solutions with tools and ideas, communicating organizational concepts to clients, planning organized systems, testing and refining new ideas, meeting people and explaining what they do, making a difference to my clients.

I am a certified professional organizer from IAP Career College and I am also a realtor in Florida.

Shere Vacas

With my team of professional organizers we can create organization and productivity systems for your environment at home or at work. We provide organizing services for residential and office spaces, including specialized offerings such as stress-free moving, renovation planning, closet design, virtual organizing and wardrobe styling.

We help with things like choosing, purchasing, and installing organizing equipment (filing cabinets, storage containers, racks, etc.), designing time schedules that help them get things done, sorting out files on a computer that have gotten overwhelming, purging an overgrowth of knick-knacks, paper, and other clutter from room to room, or developing systems that maximize the use of time and resources on a personal or business level.

We rearrange furniture and computer files, or we might simply provide your knowledge and give clients systems they can implement themselves

Miami Organizer’s mission is to facilitate the use of your belongings and increase productivity in your life through organization and design. In this way, we focus more on the essentials: functionality, design and purpose.

We can go to your home, your office, your boat or your RV. Anywhere in the US or Latin America. Wherever you need us, we will be there to help you declutter your life so you can truly enjoy your time with your family.

We will be choosing, purchasing, and installing organizing equipment (filing cabinets, storage containers, racks, etc.); designing, decluttering, categorizing, and even cleaning.

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